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Producers: Sasini Estates

Flavour notes: Strawberries, marshmallow, soft fruits

Recommended brew style: Espresso/Filter

Roast level: Medium - Light


Total Farmed Area: 140 hectares

Region: Kiambu

Grade: C

Processing: Natural

Screen Size: 14/15/16

Growing/Processing Altitude: 1,950 masl

Varietal: SL28

Soil: Rich, volcanic, red and sandy soil

Harvest: November - March


The Art of Production
Speciality natural processing is a rarity in Kenya. Selected cherries are dried in the sun on raised African beds for up to 6 weeks. The cherries are carefully turned to ensure consistent drying process and prevent over-fermentation or mould formation, and are covered at night and during rain to protect against moisture damage.

The Region
Kiambu county is located just outside of Nairobi city. The region has a long history of coffee production and is famous for its large estates, which were originally built by British colonists in the early 20th century. After decolonisation the estates were sold to local Kenyans who have been managing
them since. While estates such as this used to produce the majority of Kenyan coffee, the increased urban sprawl from Nairobi, as well as the increasing land value in the region has meant that estate coffee production has gradually diminished, while smallholder production elsewhere has increased. Nevertheless, estates such as Sasini continue a legacy of many generations of coffee production, supported by unparalleled local knowledge and experience.





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