Rosie Turner Q&A

When did you know you were queer?
Subconsciously, probably since birth! Consciously, around 21 years old when I left Uni and realised I’d been barking up the wrong tree for years.
Did you have a hard time when you came out?
My struggle was internally very difficult as I had a lot of internalised homophobia about what it meant to be a gay woman. I also couldn’t accept that I could be lesbian at first as I still liked dresses, make-up and flowers. I can laugh about it now but at the time it was awful. I threw away a lot of my clothes that I loved, pretended to be someone different but generally still felt really lost. It wasn’t until I started making friends in the LGBTQ+ community through comedy and improv that I felt like I had a place and my feet were back on the ground with who I was once again. 


What is your coming out story?
I started to question my feelings towards other women in the final year of University but I kept it hidden from my friends and family. I had a part time job in London for 3 days a week so I would use the time I had there to explore myself and chat to girls online. Eventually I went on a few dates and realised what I’d been missing! One of my first gay kisses was with Tanya Reynolds, the actor in Netflix Sex Education (she wasn’t famous at the time), she was so kind and I think that kiss opened my eyes up to a lot of things!
My family are luckily very accepting of my sexuality but it’s been an education and learning process for them along the way. I have many friends in the community who have different stories though, and it’s so hard to see what other people have to go through just to be themselves.
I’m pretty sure I saw something about neurodivergence on one of your tik toks once, are you also ND?
I think so! I’ve never had an official diagnosis but I’m pretty sure I’m on the ND Spectrum. My main struggle in life is noise. Recently I discovered the power of noise cancelling headphones and they are glued to my head most of the time. My partner Charlie also has noise sensitives, sometimes the pair of us co-work in a cafe and don’t speak to each other for hours on end because we can’t cope!
Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a TikToker, Presenter and Producer. I make content about LGBTQ+ Relationships, Dating, comedy and travel. I love cooking for my friends, hiking and my favourite thing I own is my calendar.
Do you have anything exciting lined up for 2023?
It’s the New Year as I’m writing this and I currently don’t have any plans, however I just signed with an agent and have a finger in a few pies so I’m excited to see where things go!
How long have you been with your partner and how did you meet?
Charlie and I have been together for nearly 4 years. We met at the BBC when we both worked there (although we didn’t date each other until afterwards). Charlie is a videographer and editor and she loves YouTube, coffee and Football! We’re VERY different but share the same values and sense of humour so it works.
What’s your favourite camera to use and why?
We shoot on the Sony eco system and love those cameras, but if I’m honest I mainly use my iPhone for capturing content now.
What were you doing before freelancing?
I was doing the same job but employed! I started out working in a social media agency as an assistant producer with clients such as MTV and Red Bull then I joined the BBC working in the kids department. I wrote a lot of social media copy and even did some presenting making yoghurt pots into animals…
Do you do freelance photography or videography too?
Portrait photography is my jam but I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. It’s very hard to break into if you’re not doing it full-time. I’ve shot some cover art for BBC Sounds podcasts however and I still run portrait sessions for anyone who needs new shots.
What made you become a freelancer?
I always enjoyed what I did working in-house for people but I felt like I wanted to spread my wings and there always felt like a lack of opportunity to do that when I was being managed by someone else. Both of my parents are freelance and I knew it was always in my future. I like the flexibility I have to choose projects and to use my time in a more productive way. I would waste days on end when I was employed not doing anything but now, I’m on the go and it feels great! 
Any tips for someone wanting to break into that industry?
It’s all about who you know. Email a bunch of people you’d like to work for or who do the job that you want and offer to take them out for coffee - they won’t forget you if you buy them a drink (promise)!
Now you’re tik tok famous, has this affected your life in any way?
It’s affected my life for the better! I’m happy to finally be able to share useful advice and make people laugh. Being recognised is quite strange though, I often get messages days after saying “I saw you at this location and wanted to say something”, I’m really a very friendly person and don’t bite aha! 
Favourite place to eat out and favourite meal there?
Bibimbap in Soho. It’s a laid back, unfancy Korean place that serve big bowls of rice, kimchi and tofu. Everyone I know has been subjected to a Bibimbap trip at least once in their life with me! 
Rosie Turner
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