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This single-varietal (Typica), carbonic maceration natural lot is from Phetlamka farm on the Bolavens plateau in southern Laos. Once known as the ‘Kingdom of a Million Elephants’, the average altitude in Laos is over 700masl but rises to a consistent 1,350masl on the plateau. The potential for expanding production of specialty coffee in Laos is so great that Olam is growing coffee on 1,300 hectares of land over 4 estates in the rich volcanic soils at the heart of the Bolaven Plateau with plans to expand to 2,000 hectares. Numerous rivers and creeks of every size cross the plateau heading west and eventually to the Mekong river.

Origin Laos
Subregion Bolovens Plateau
Harvest Season 2020/21
Producer Type Single Estate
Farm Name Phetlamaka Estate
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Growing Altitude 1350m
Plant Species Arabica
Variety Typica
Coffee Grade LAO CA NAT PR G1
Screen Size 15 Up



The Region

The Bolavens Plateau in South Laos is the most favourable region for coffee cultivation in the country. The region boasts high elevations (up to 1,350masl), rich volcanic soils, and a moderate climate with plentiful sunshine, rainfall and a low risk of frost. The gentle slopes of the plateau negate many of the farming challenges posed by more mountainous and varied terrain.

The Process

Strictly ripe cherries are harvested and are first washed with clean water to remove foreign matter and then fed into a floater separator machine to remove floater cherries. Cherries are fermented 'anaerobically' for up to 48 hours, during which instra-cellular fermentation takes place in insulated stainless steel containers with CO2 pumped in to displace oxygen. Tannins present in the inner layer of the cherry skin referentially migrate into the fermenting coffee cherry's interior. Once fermentation is complete, the cherries are spread out in a raised bed in a greenhouse.

The cherries are strictly sundried in greenhouse on raised african beds. Drying time can be anywhere from 20-25 days depending on weather. 

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