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Blend of Fazenda Cetec & Columbia Mustafa

Process: Washed & Pulped Natural

Flavour notes: Caramel, spice, roast almond

Recommended brew style: Espresso / Filter

Roast Profile: Medium

This blend of coffee has been carefully crafted to be able to perform great as espresso and also smooth and delicious as a filter.

The blend is made up of Brazilian, and Colombian coffees, all roasted to bring forward their best flavours.

About the coffees in this blend: Brazil - Fazenda Pimentel

Producers: Virgínia Frota de Rezende & Guilherme Frota (Traditional 4th generation coffee farmers)

Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1,250m
Lot: Minasul Quality Competition Finalist (First-time finalists) Process: Natural - 24hr anaerobic fermentation in airlock tanks

Virgínia Frota de Rezende is from a traditional coffee-growing family. She inherited the property from her father, Mr. Ronan Danilo de Rezende. She and her husband, Guilherme Frota, were strong in this harvest, producing some amazing speciality coffees. Their full dedication paid off: in this year's Minasul quality competition they entered only one sample of yellow Bourbon, grown at 1,250 meters above sea level, in each of the categories (natural and pulped natural) and are - for the first time - finalists in a coffee quality competition.


Colombia Mustafa Estate:
This is quite a special coffee and has been 5 years in the making!
These coffees are both produced by a very talented producer called Ana Mustafa.

Ana runs the LaREB cooperative with the support of Herbert and other great producers with the aim to support smaller or less experienced members with production advice and professional quality control. They also export coffee directly from the farmers which secures the supply chain and transfers more value back to producers.

Anas’ coffees with LaREB contribute to 40% of the money and 35% of the coffees produced by LaREB!

This coffee has had a double fermentation along with an extra 24hr fermentation after washing and depulping, making this a super clean, sweet and creamy coffee, perfect for espresso!

The amazing attention to detail and passion behind this coffee and the people who have produced is why this coffee really is something special.

Variety | Castillo
Process | Washed
Altitude | 1550 - 1650 MASL

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