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Columbia - Mustafa

Flavour notes: Vanilla, cocoa, butterscotch 

Recommended brew style: Espresso

Roast level: Medium - Light


Mustafa Estate (Ana Mustafa)

Ana runs the LaREB cooperative with the support of Herbert and other great producers with the aim to support smaller or less experienced members with production advice and professional quality control. They also export coffee directly from the farmers which secures the supply chain and transfers more value back to producers.

Anas’ coffees with LaREB contribute to 40% of the money and 35% of the coffees produced by LaREB!

Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,550 to 1,650 masl

Ana comes from a coffee producing family in Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia. This area is known as the Coffee Axis of Colombia as it is the traditional high-volume production area of the country. Ana’s family owns and manages 3 farms around the town of Pereira.

Up until very recently, coffee production on the Mustafá family farms has always been high-volume commercial coffees. Ana's interest in specialty coffee and the access to the specialty market that she now has through the LaREB project has driven her to start producing specialty grade lots on her farms with the goal of converting to majority specialty production.

Ana has taken it upon herself to direct specialised harvesting, separation and processing protocols for the lots she produces on her family farms and has begun releasing high-value, specialty coffees in an area of Colombia typically known for commodity coffee.


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