A guide to mugs for neurodivergent coffee lovers - Holly Cowley

You might first notice it when you’re very young. You’ll only watch the same TV show every morning to avoid surprises or you’ll have the same jumper ten times because it doesn’t have a horrible itchy tag, or you’ll carry around the same teddy until it practically falls apart. When you’re neurodivergent, you can’t help but sweat the little things. The little things matter. They can mark the difference between a good day and a bad day. That’s why when you find something that works for you, you stick with it … and buy it in twenty different colours. Establishing a consistent routine and avoiding the dreaded sensory overload is essential to maintaining your well-being and it creeps into every aspect of your life.


Thats why, starting every day right with a speciality blend of XO coffee (shameless plug) in the perfect mug is extremely important. The ‘perfect mug’ is not the same for everyone, but the warm and comfortable feeling you get from drinking from your fave mug is universally felt. Most coffee-drinkers will know their go-to mug by now, but some of you may still be struggling to find the right fit. That’s where we can help. Just in time for the festive season, we’ve collated a list of some of our favourite mugs to suit different needs.


Bigger and Better


You know the type. The type of mug with the circumference of a planet. The type of mug that people point at and go “Now THAT’S the right size for a cup of coffee”. Some particular benefits of this mug, beyond just its sheer size, are listed below.


  • Always steady, reducing spillage
  • Chunky and satisfying to hold
  • Less suffocating to sip from (lots of nose room)


You can find a big mug almost anywhere now, but as always, we recommend you shop small! Round About Ceramics has some lush options including their short and stout Cloud mug.  Additionally, at the Emma Puddick site you can find lots of these chunky mugs but with bold slogans. Or, Hollie Cooper is known for whipping up some fabulous options too! However, we must advise you to drink up quickly. Such a big serving of coffee means your coffee may get cold before you can finish.



Let’s Talk Texture…


Everyone has certain textures that they just can’t touch without cringing from head to toe. For neurodivergent people, this type of sensory stimuli can be debilitating. Mugs can have varying textures depending on how they’re made so it’s important to find what works for you.


For some a smooth, glazed drinking vessel like the Huskee cup that we stock on our website  might be the right choice. The repurposed coffee husk makes for a super comfortable-to-hold and cool-to-touch cup.


Alternatively, you may prefer a mug that offers more textural stimuli. Maybe something with lumps and bumps. Rosi Tooth has lots of options on their website with thick handles twisted into fun shapes. Or, over at Millie’s Ceramics, there is a great option with 3D shapes incorporated into the design.



Tried a Tumbler?


Another fun, but less traditional, option is a tumbler-style cup. Essentially, it’s a mug without a handle. These are always a cool option as they’re extremely aesthetic. They’re also super comfortable to cradle in your hands and get all snug with a warm drink. Smudge Pot Studio has some amazingly colourful options . Or, you can easily find a nice double-walled glass tumbler for that simpler, classier look!

 Written by Holly Cowley


These mugs are just a few of the options that we consider to be more neurodivergent-friendly. We hope you’re able to find the perfect fit! We’d also like to give a special mention to the company Made With Mud, the original creator of the incredibly inclusive Digni-tea. This range of mugs is designed to cater for all sorts of physical disabilities and provide adults with a stylish and ceramic adapted mug. Here at XO, we love coffee so optimising the coffee-drinking experience is our passion and our mission. Happy sipping!

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